Faith: Fig Tree VS Mountain


Demonstrate Don’t Pontificate

S) In Mathew 21: 28-32 Jesus talks about a father and his 2 sons. 1 son says yes he will work, but in the end he does not. The other son says he will not work, but in the end he does work. Which did the will of his father? The one who actually did something.

F) I can talk about things that I will and will not do. The things that matter are those that I actually do. Get into and remain in a place where your faith in God drives your actions, this is vital to your Christian walk. When I have my faith in me or in man, then I will be driven by doubt and hesitation. Words are cheap, DO FAITH!

P) Pray that you are actionable concerning faith things in and of God. Pray that you can demonstrate more than pontificate. 

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