Faith: Fig Tree VS Mountain


Fig Tree vs Mountain Faith

S) In Matthew 21: 18-22 we read that Jesus spoke to a fig tree and it withered away. Jesus’ response to the disciples reveals more than what happened to the fig tree. The disciples saw it shrink and asked Him how. Jesus pointed out how that was nothing compared to casting a mountain into the sea. 

F) God does not want you to be impressed with simple things that seem big. By comparing a Fig Tree to a Mountain, Jesus stated that we should be impressed with Big things. What are the BIG things God wants you to be faithful in and with?

- His vision for your life?

- Current or future ministry?

- How you make income?

- An unhealthy emotional tie to your past?

- _________________. (You fill in the blank)

P) In your own words, pray that God will show you the difference between fig tree faith and mountain faith in your life. Pray that God will reveal the areas you have fig tree faith, those areas where you want to be like others, yet God has something greater for you. Then, DO NOT DOUBT IT.

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