Faith: Fig Tree VS Mountain


Not Physical Faith / Write Some Vision Down

These 2 weeks may have stirred up a lot of feelings and change in your mind and heart. Take some time to pray and plan out your next faith filled activity. Like worshiping how you want, joining or starting a ministry, a change that is better for you and your family, start talking with a co-worker, pray for someone God puts on your heart, and many more faith filled things like those that God has called you to. 

Our faith starts in the mind and then becomes an action. Mentally commit to faith and push past your calendar date to wait on God. Use your faith daily so it is not left in a dirt hole. You may need to dig your faith up and/or dust it off; either way go get it. Consider this, your confidence in God will grow a bit more after every faith event you are faithful through. 

I hope you've enjoyed this devotional. You can email me your faith story from my website.

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