Kingdom Reign: For Those Who Hate It Here

Kingdom Reign: For Those Who Hate It Here

DAY 6 OF 6

Day 6: Remaining Faithful While We Wait

We know that we need the Kingdom of God because man’s kingdom is not cutting it. God’s Kingdom is where His authority and dominion reigns supreme. It starts in the inside of us. We become Kingdom citizens when we allow God to rule us. There is a time coming when the Kingdom won’t only be internal, but will also be physical and external. We want to be ready for that time. So how do we remain faithful when we don’t know when that time is?

We have to use the blessings, time, talents, and resources that God has given us for His purposes, not our own. God has invested in us, and He expects a good return on that investment when He comes back. We should not be wasting any time being afraid or worried about what others might think.

The way we steward what God has given us on this earth will show how responsible we will be if God gives us leadership positions in His Kingdom. If God can’t trust us to handle earthly treasures, why should He trust us to handle heavenly ones? We have to demonstrate our faithfulness in what we already have before He will decide to give us more.

Is there anything God has put on your heart to do for Him that you’ve been putting off? If so, what is stopping you?

The days are short. Make the most of every opportunity.

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Kingdom Reign: For Those Who Hate It Here

God’s Kingdom is here already and it’s still on its way at the same time. In the crazy world we live in today, we need to focus not only on what God is doing but what He has planned next. This devotional will explore th...

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