Kingdom Reign: For Those Who Hate It Here

Kingdom Reign: For Those Who Hate It Here

DAY 2 OF 6

Day 2: What Is the Kingdom?

The territory where God’s authority and dominion reign is called the Kingdom of God. It is also referred to as the Kingdom of Heaven. This is where God’s established principles, commands, and laws are honored and followed.

The Kingdom is both internal (in our hearts) and external (in the world and Heaven). The Kingdom is here already and yet still coming. We will talk about these qualities of the Kingdom in later entries of this devotional.

Jesus talked a lot about the Kingdom during His earthly ministry. He wanted us to know who is invited to be apart of it, how He will select who takes part, how it grows, its impact on the world, and the tremendous value it has. He illustrated all of these points when He was addressing the crowds following Him in the parables recorded in Matthew 13.

As you read through this scripture, ask God to give you wisdom and insight into what His Kingdom is like. Write down what you learned after reading.

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Kingdom Reign: For Those Who Hate It Here

God’s Kingdom is here already and it’s still on its way at the same time. In the crazy world we live in today, we need to focus not only on what God is doing but what He has planned next. This devotional will explore th...

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