Kingdom Reign: For Those Who Hate It Here

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Day 1: The Governments of the World: We Need Help

There is not a single example today of a human government that is perfect. We can look at every type available and find major flaws in them all. Democratic, socialist, communist, etc. countries in the world all suffer from corruption and problems that abound. Even all of the nations that are considered “first world” have problems with crime, poverty, and resources.

This is because of our sin nature. Without a person truly being born again by a relationship with Jesus Christ, we are all naturally selfish and look out for our own interests. Apart from God changing us, at best we might look out for people like us (family, same ethnic/social group, similar backgrounds). But even that is just another form of selfishness if we only look out for those we relate to the most. This selfishness drives people in positions of authority to not look out for the best interests of the nation. They tend to make rules and laws that benefit them. It’s easy to accept bribes if all we’re thinking about are ourselves.

Some people realize this fact and advocate that we don’t need governments since they are so corrupt. They call for anarchy. The problem with that is humans do need a government. We need established rules and boundaries for how we interact with each other. We need protection and consequences for those who violate the rules. So what are we to do? We need a government that is perfect, but we already established that does not exist when it comes to people.

The answer is found in our Creator. His rulership and government is the remedy we need. Man’s rulership will always be corrupt.

A great example of this is found in 1 Samuel 8 when Israel no longer wanted God leading them, but instead chose to have a human king like the other nations around them. Pay close attention to the warnings God gave. Everything He warned them about came true and can still be seen in the problems of the governments today.