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Kingdom Reign: For Those Who Hate It HereSample

Kingdom Reign: For Those Who Hate It Here

DAY 5 OF 6

Day 5: The Kingdom Will Be External

We talked about how God has established His Kingdom in our hearts. But make no mistake about it the Kingdom will definitely come and be established in a major dramatic fashion for the entire world to see!

This is the “Day of the Lord” that is talked about often in the Bible. This is when Jesus returns triumphantly to reclaim the earth and establish His rulership! He will set everything right again and back into its proper place.

There are several places in the Bible that describe these events in detail, but Revelation has it all in one convenient place so we’ll study there.

Take some time to really read through this. You might have to read it a few times to fully grasp it all but that’s ok. There’s no rush. Meditate on God’s Word and ask Him for wisdom.

The portion of Revelation we’re going to read covers how God will establish His Kingdom externally by:


  • Overthrowing Babylon (the worldly system of government) 

  • Jesus defeating the Beast 

  • Jesus ruling the earth with His saints for 1000 years 

  • Judging of Satan 

  • Judging of the Dead 

  • Creating a New Heaven and New Earth

Jesus ends the Revelation with the message that He is coming soon. We need to be ready!

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