Because We Care – Reaching Your World One Conversation at a Time

Because We Care – Reaching Your World One Conversation at a Time

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If you had a magic wand, what one thing would you change on this planet? 

Regarding your experiences of evangelism and prayer, have you prayed sincerely for opportunities or help, and God answered? 

When reading John 6:44 and Jeremiah 29:13 think about these questions:    

  • Have you ever tried to convince a person of the Christian faith, but could not?    

  • What does the scripture say about the human heart, and how it responds to God’s messages? 

Note Jeremiah 29:13: This was said in the context of explaining God’s blessings that would be toward Israel after their 70 years of exile – but this is also reflective of how God responds to all people.


What do you think the relationship is between the idea that only God can draw a heart to faith in himself, and people can and must choose for themselves?  These seem to contradict. How might we resolve this? 

As a comment, Jeremiah 29 reflects that it is possible for people to genuinely humble their hearts and seek God, and God promises to be found by those who do. However, it is also possible that very few people would seek after God naturally, by themselves, if not for the drawing of the Spirit, and the efforts of Christians to share this message. 

Jeremiah 17:9 explains how “The heart is deceitful above all things and beyond cure. Who can understand it?” The greater effectiveness of our outreach efforts is therefore the result of a few things that come together at once. There is the drawing of their heart by God’s Spirit - while we reach out to them with the message God has given us to share. Concurrently in their hearts, they have a genuine choice to respond. While God-alone can touch and ‘draw’ a heart to himself, we are his mouthpieces – and that makes our witnessing efforts a partnership! 

For many who seek spiritual Truth, a divine revelation is needed before they realize who Jesus is. This is why prayer and sensitivity to God leading in our conversations are important. 

Have you ever talked with someone, and discovered during the conversation that God was already drawing them – even though they hadn’t yet come to a full realization of who God is or what he has done for them through Jesus? 


What is it that you will take away from this devotion to apply? 


  • Pray for those you desire to see come to faith in Jesus    

  • Pray for the strengthening of your personal devotional lives, through which our ability to hear and discern God’s voice is developed.    

  • Pray for eyes to see how God is already working in people’s lives, so you can sync with what God is doing in your conversations. 

Be encouraged as you share the gospel!

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Because We Care – Reaching Your World One Conversation at a Time

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