Because We Care – Reaching Your World One Conversation at a Time

Because We Care – Reaching Your World One Conversation at a Time

DAY 4 OF 6


Have you ever had to give a speech to a group of people, and been really nervous? 

What do you think the key is for being relaxed and natural when communicating something? 

Think about one of your best or worst experiences in sharing the gospel?

Read today's verses in Romans 10:14 then 1 Peter 3:15 which gives us some keys - Always be prepared... ...with gentleness and respect. 


If someone asked you to share what you believe prior to watching this video, could you have done it clearly and concisely? 

If someone asked you to share why do you believe this message to be true? What sort of things would you say? 

On some paper or your device, review the presentation you just saw in the video including (1) the drawing, (2) the three transition questions, and (3) the ‘abc’ summary/prayer.  


  1. Where do you see yourself to be in this picture?     

  2. Where would you like to be in this picture?     

  3. Can you see any reason why you wouldn't want to choose right now to commit to walking on God's path with your life? 


  • A - admit / ask  

  • B - believe  

  • C - commit

(Note: This is one of many approaches to communicating the gospel message. Freely use other approaches if you are already familiar with them). 


When during this week could you pause to revise this drawing by yourself, to help it get into longer-term memory? 

Is there anyone you could ask this week if you could show them a great summary you’ve just learned of the core Christian message? 

(Note: Remember to share concisely, aiming for under 3 minutes, noting the explanation of the Christian message in the video you just saw took only 90 seconds. Then ask them some questions to understand where they are at, so they get to talk too, and you discuss together their thoughts on what you shared). 


  • Pray for wisdom to know how to get this into your long-term memory.       

  • Pray for God to grace you with a few opportunities to initiate and engage in spiritual conversations in this coming week. 

Be encouraged as you share the gospel!

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Because We Care – Reaching Your World One Conversation at a Time

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