Wisdom for Leaders

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Wisdom Requires Humility

Solomon was the same humble person in public and in private.

Privately, when it was only him and God in the room, Solomon humbly thanks God for appointing him as ruler. Solomon acknowledges that the people he leads are God’s people (even though he knew that not all of them had placed their faith in God). 

Biblical humility begins in the throne room of heaven, where you see your place in God’s divine order of creation. In humility, you discover that you have been created by a loving, holy God, the Creator of the universe, and you see your sinfulness in the light of his glory. In humility, you fall to your knees before his throne, finding forgiveness. 

Biblical humility exhibits complete trust and dependence on the Creator - trust that God is accomplishing his purposes in his own ways. 

Biblical humility is demonstrated when you allow God to be God of the universe, instead of trying to be God yourself. It is the strength that lets you serve others in your job, in a way that is uniquely you, without fear of losing your identity, for your identity is rooted in Christ. 

Humility, based on Christ’s love for you, is the backbone that enables you to deeply love those around you without expectations. Because Christ has shown you how precious you are, you can show your neighbor how precious they are. 

Since you are complete in Christ and assured that he sees you and knows your heart, you don’t need to seek the place of prominence out of selfish ambition or vain conceit. When God calls you to a place of prominence, then with peace humbly go there, for Christ is Lord there. When God calls you to a place of obscurity, then with joy humbly go there, for Christ is Lord there too.