Wisdom for Leaders

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Wisdom Requires Curiosity

Pursuing wisdom also requires a spirit of childlike curiosity. Curiosity looks beyond the information that a leader needs to the interconnections and relationships underlying the work that he or she is leading. 

When two prostitutes came to Solomon accusing each other of having stolen their baby, it was Solomon’s curiosity that looked beyond their accusations to understand their hearts. Understanding their hearts enabled Solomon to make a wise decision. It was also Solomon’s curiosity for understanding the way things are built that enabled him to lead the construction of a magnificent temple. One can read more about Solomon’s curiosity in the book of Ecclesiastes.

The world that we live in was created by God. While we can glean a lot of information about the functioning of our world from various sources, only God fully understands every aspect of this world, and all the interdependencies that allow us to not only survive, but thrive on this planet. As the Creator, God understands the principles behind every system better than any person ever will.

Wouldn’t it make sense to seek wisdom from the Creator himself to understand how each system, process, and person that you lead can best glorify God?