Wisdom for Leaders


Wisdom Requires Trust

Having acknowledged publicly and privately that God had appointed him and prepared him to be king, Solomon demonstrates his trust in God by asking him for wisdom. At this time in his life, Solomon’s heart’s desire was to behave in a manner consistent with being a child of God. God granted Solomon’s request for wisdom. 

We read in Proverbs that Solomon discovered that Wisdom wasn’t far away, but was standing in the street corners. Solomon learned that all he had to do when faced with a choice was to humbly trust and obey what Wisdom was saying. 

Today, we would say that Wisdom is calling out in the lobby of every office building, store, restaurant, and transit stop. Like Solomon, we as leaders need Jesus to touch our ears so that we can hear what Wisdom is saying. Then we need to trust that the things Wisdom is speaking to us about will bring joy and peace in our lives and in the lives of those we lead.