Wisdom for Leaders

Day 1 of 7 • This day’s reading


As a leader, where do you turn for wisdom? Do you turn to Google, or do you ask God for wisdom? 

You might wonder why one would ask God for wisdom, when Google suggests that they can provide all the information that a leader needs. I would suggest that there is a huge difference between information and wisdom. Information can inform you on the mechanics of leading. What wisdom provides is insight into the bigger picture about the people you lead and how the work you are leading relates to God’s Kingdom.

Consider the following examples:      

  • While Google can provide information on the process and psychology of hiring and lay-offs, wisdom provides insights into the impact that hiring or lay-off decisions will have on the future of the department, company, and affected individuals.       

  • Google can provide the information needed for accounting, taxation, or legal questions. Only wisdom can provide insight into the people and processes behind these questions. 

God promises that he will generously give you wisdom if you ask for it (James 1:5). His wisdom is not just reserved for complicated situations. He graciously offers you wisdom for every situation. When the disciples needed people to take care of the routine tasks of the new church, they looked for individuals who were filled with wisdom (Acts 6:1-3). 

In this devotional series, we will be studying passages about King Solomon. We will see that wisdom starts with worship and requires humility, trust, and curiosity. Wisdom that comes from God will be a blessing to those we lead and will bring glory to our Father in heaven.