Peace for Kids

Day 2 of 8 • This day’s reading


Say this together: 

When we choose to follow Jesus, 

He gives us peace that never leaves us.

Before Jesus went to heaven, He left us a gift. It wasn’t just any gift. It was something He knew we wanted, needed, and can’t get anywhere else. Do you know what that gift is? It’s peace!

Jesus knows we face hard things. Jesus knows we might feel worried or afraid. When you feel that way, His peace is still there. Jesus is ready to listen to you and help you feel His peace in your heart again.

Watch This Video Together

Talk Together

· Challenge: Who can say the Bible verse and do the motions the fastest?

· What makes you feel worried or afraid?

· What are some ways you can reach out to Jesus when you feel worried or afraid?

Pray Together

God, thank You for giving us Your peace. When we feel worried or afraid, help us remember we have Your gift of peace. In Jesus’ name, amen.

Read Together

Read the Bible verse for today. Take turns sharing what it makes you think about. Ask each other any questions it makes you think of.

Note: If you read the verse in a translation that’s different from the one used in the video, talk about what is the same and what is different in each translation.