Peace for Kids

Day 6 of 8 • This day’s reading


Say this together: 

When life gets stormy, gloomy, and gray, 

I feel peace trusting God and His good way.

When you watch a basketball player shoot a free throw, people behind the basket try to distract the player so they miss the shot! The best players practice a lot so they can ignore the distractions and focus on making the basket.

You can learn from the best basketball players. Hard times might feel stormy and try to distract you, but, with lots of practice, you can ignore the storm and focus on Jesus. Every time you worry or feel afraid, talk to Jesus about it. Think about what is really true: He loves us, He is with us, and He is in control. When we trust Jesus like that, we’ll find peace, because we are fixing our thoughts on Him. 

Watch This Video Together

Talk Together

· Challenge: Who can say the Bible verse and do the motions the loudest?

· What are some thoughts that worry or distract you?

· What are some true things about Jesus that you can think about when you feel worried or distracted?

Pray Together

God, thank You for promising us peace when we trust You. Help us to fix our thoughts on You. In Jesus’ name, amen.

Read Together

Read the Bible verse for today. Take turns sharing what it makes you think about. Ask each other any questions it makes you think of.

Note: If you read the verse in a translation that’s different from the one used in the video, talk about what is the same and what is different in each translation.