Peace for Kids

Day 7 of 8 • This day’s reading


Say this together: 

Don't stand down. Stand up for peace, love, and helping others.

Peace comes from following Jesus and spending time with Him. Jesus wants us to share His peace with others! 

Ask Jesus help you. When people see the peace you get from living for God, they might want to follow Jesus, too!

There is a very special way to share Jesus’ peace with others. Stand up for what’s right when you see something that’s wrong. It takes courage and sacrifice, but it helps others see God’s goodness and love. 

In today’s Bible story, Abigail was a peacemaker. She saw that Nabal did something wrong. Abigail went to talk with David about it, even though he was very angry. Her courage and kindness brought peace. 

Watch This Video Together

Talk Together

· Share one thing that you remember from the Bible story.

· What is something you have seen that doesn’t please God?

· What do you think you can do about it?

Pray Together

God, thank You that we get to be peacemakers. Give us the courage we need to help people be at peace with You and each other. In Jesus’ name, amen.

Read Together

Read the Bible story for today. Take turns sharing what it makes you think about. Ask each other any questions it makes you think of.