New Year, Same God

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A goal to achieve.

Wow, finally a new year! I feel very encouraged and ready to hit it.

The truth is that each person starts the year differently, so I asked some of my friends how they feel when a new year arrives, what things they do and if they are up for something. These were some of their responses:

- "To be honest, I don't set many goals for myself because I know I'm not going to meet all of them, but I feel happy to finish a year and be alive."

- “Sometimes I feel good, other times I don't give it much importance, it all depends on how the year ends. I do have goals, I start with approximately seven. "

- "Usually, I wait for the new year in a reflective way, I do an analysis of what I want and how I feel at the moment."

- "When I start the year I feel that I have the responsibility to fulfill everything I want and to create habits that help me to improve myself."

- “I don't think I'm good for this. A new year has arrived, I still want to do the same as always."

Do you identify with any of these responses? Each one of them have a common factor: They all set at least one goal. Whatever your attitude for this new beginning is, it's important that you also have goals to make this year a meaningful one. Goals help us build on something, creating discipline and responsibility along the way. What things do you want to do? Set goals that you know you can reach, but that challenge you at the same time.

As long as we are alive, we'll always have the opportunity to change and improve, so take advantage of it. One time, a friend told me that he had no goals, that he was going to let everything go with the flow. Do you think he's going to have a meaningful year? The possibilities are slim. Things don't just happen, we have to make them happen.

God didn't bring you to this world to live without meaning, He wants to see you grow, improve yourself and achieve what you want. He is already very clear about the plans he has for you. Our goals in life may change, but God remains the same, always ready to strengthen us and help us achieve anything under His will.

Activity: Make a list of 10 goals that you want to achieve this year, from the simplest to the ones that involve most work. Identify what habits you need to develop to achieve them.

Leslie Ramírez