New Year, Same God

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Empty your suitcase.

Latin American mothers usually buy souvenirs to send as gifts to all their relatives whenever they go on a trip. The funniest thing of all is that they use their bags to transport all of that, too, regardless of the amount of space!

Have you ever been that passenger?

Although it might be funny to think about, the reality is that it can be a bit uncomfortable at times. There are so many things for others to fit into the suitcase that you end not having much space for what you really need.

The same happens with the suitcase of our life. We are dragging baggage filled with things from previous experiences. We carry many objects that make the suitcase heavy, and even worse, that take away space for what we really need to carry.

What should we remove to make room? It may be a past situation that has hindered us from trying again. Perhaps it is doubt that does not allow us to move forward, or hurtful words toward us that we have kept in our hearts.

It's important to know that we are not obligated to carry these things, since they don't belong to us,. They belong to the past. How about we leave them there?

We need to make room for all the good that God wants to give us this year! Those new experiences and lessons, those new people, those new achievements ...

To have a blessed year, it's necessary to make room for blessings. I know it's hard to hope for the best when we look back and remember all of the bad things that happened, but remember that God can make everything work for the better. Today is a new opportunity to live differently, to live by faith and not fear, to accept, let go and move on.

Let's carry a suitcase full of hope, love, joy, peace, patience, and dreams. Let's leave behind what has only been a burden, and observe how God helps us fill up with what is really worth it. I‘ve already packed my suitcase for this trip, what are you waiting for?

Activity: Think about three things you've been carrying for a long time that have been dominating you. Give them to God and ask Him to help you not let these burdens remain a part of you.

Leslie Ramírez