New Year, Same God

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Believe in yourself

It's easy for us to see the good in everything and everyone. We spend our lives admiring and praising other people's talents and looks, and that's great. But when it comes to ourselves, it seems not to be that simple. Whether you want it or not, you are going to spend your entire life with yourself, so don't ignore your value!

God created each one of  us with different talents and abilities, made us in His image and likeness, and thinks highly of us. He sees all the potential you have, and in his word He has left so many reminders of how important and valuable you are, because He knew that at some point you might forget it.

Believing in yourself and appreciating how He made you is vital. How many things have you not attempted thinking that you don't have what it takes? Sometimes we miss great opportunities by not trusting that we're capable. I'm hoping all of us could start a year of blessings, not doubts. This is a year of trust, not fear. This is the year to accept challenges because "everything you want is on the other side of fear." (Jack Canfield).

Here are four short tips might help you increase your self-confidence:

1. Think that you can. It all starts in your brain, so it's important to have a positive mind. The first step to achieve something is believing that you can do it.

2. Talk to people who love you. People who appreciate you usually see things in you that you don't see yourself and remind you of how valuable you are. Get together with people who make you feel needed and loved (God, for example).

3. Find something of interest or that you are good at. It's much easier, and I would dare to say that it's even pleasant, to fight for something that we really like. Make sure you look for things that you are actually passionate about, so your will and effort will be greater.

4. Believe what God says about you. You're so important that if Jesus had to give his life again for you, He would. In the Bible there are a lot of beautiful verses dedicated especially to you. God says that you're loved, that you're strong, that you are valuable and that you are able. If the King of the universe believes in you, why don't you?

Today you can choose to stop doubting yourself. This may be a year where every time you look in the mirror, you see someone beautiful and whole in Christ. Don't let insecurity and fear take control of your life, God is already in control of it.

Activity: Identify three things that you find difficult to appreciate about yourself. What you can change, do it; What you can't change, love it.

Leslie Ramírez