New Year, Same God

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The best team

Real life is like school: Everyone wants to join a group with the most intelligent, and on a daily basis we ​​must also look for people who might help us succeed. 

During this plan I've given you three steps you can take to start a blessed year, but I saved the best one for last.

Life is better when we have good company; the loads become lighter and the road is less hard. That's why it's good that we're part of a team: You don't have to go it alone against the world.

I want you to consider making someone I know part of your life. He's a loyal friend and will watch your back. EVERYTHING, absolutely everything, turns out well with Him by your side. He always wins, there's no battle that I've seen him lose. He's very kind, when you lack or need something, you can get it from Him. He won't let you get discouraged, He will be by your side to support you in your projects. He is going to be with you in your most difficult moments and will help you to move forward. He is a real person, He'll tell you when you are deviating from your path and will advise you to find your way again. The best part is I have already spoken with him and He is willing to be part of your team. 

His name is Jesus; do you know him?

As you begin this new year, ask first for God's blessing and approval. Team up with Him today. Let's stop fighting so much against God, allow Him to get on your way and trust that He'll take you not where you want to, but where you need to go. 

To walk with God is to walk safely, because He's our guide.

A year full of blessings and experiences awaits us; I'm calm because I belong to the team of a winner. There will be challenges; not everything will be rosy, but it's at that time that God shows us His power and care.

Remember: Empty your suitcase by leaving everything bad behind. Set goals to help you have a purposeful year. Look at yourself as God sees you; you can do all things. And finally, put your life (year) in the hands of God.

God + you = Victory assured. 

Until next time!

With love, Leslie Ramírez.