Postures Of Advent: A Daily Christmas Devotional


The freedom, joy, and exuberance displayed by the shepherds in the Christmas story is astounding. 

They are overjoyed by this good news of great joy. They are uninhibited from hurrying off to see Jesus, then spreading the word about Him. They then continue to glorify and praise God. Can you imagine their childlikeness? 

Their arms literally open wide as they praised God!

It is dangerously easy to be cynical in our society. Far too easy to cross our arms and close off our hearts to the good news of great joy found in the Christmas story. The grace and freedom of Christ seem too good to be true in our harsh and oppressive world; so we refuse to receive it.

There’s something for us in the example of the shepherds who receive the news with open arms and immediately respond to it. What would happen if we responded to this good news? 

How would the postures of our hearts change, not just for a season, but in every moment and stage of life? What kind of transformation would we start to see in our life and the world around us?

Perhaps we’d be more hopeful and less cynical, bolder and less shy about coming to Jesus, asking tough questions, doing a random act of kindness, or inviting a friend to learn more about Jesus.

Sosina is a young woman from Ethiopia, who, with her single mother, grew up with very little. Through Compassion’s child sponsorship program, Sosina grew up with support around her and was transformed by the love of Christ. In her college years, she joined her church’s community outreach initiative that encouraged members of the church to support children in the community financially, so they could attend the local Compassion centre too.

Sosina decided to use what little money she had to make an impact and support little Deborah. Today, she is building a relationship with Deborah, mentoring, counseling, and encouraging her to be strong and to trust God.

“I know too well how the presence of Compassion changed the course of my life. I just want to bring that kind of hope in Deborah’s life. I’m fortunate to get an opportunity like this, an opportunity that grants me the blessing and the joy found in giving.” – Sosina

Sosina’s story is a beautiful example of what happens when the grace we’ve received from Christ compels us to live out of a place of joy and generosity. 

Today, how is God inviting you to receive this good news of great joy?