Postures Of Advent: A Daily Christmas Devotional


We are creatures of comfort. We live in a culture of that centres around ease, comfort, and safety. We prefer drive-thrus, so we can stay in our heated cars. 

We make seats in movie theatres recliners, so we can lie down while we watch. We click a button to drive right into our garages and perhaps miss opportunities to chat with our neighbours.  

While all of these little comforts are not wrong, the danger with comfort is that it’s so easy to worship it. We see this come to light when we say “no” to holy, wild, and wonderful opportunities that God calls us to because we’re afraid of stepping out of our comfort zone. 

The urge for comfort starts to seep into other areas of our lives, and we live more guarded with our heads down and our fists clenched.  

An overly zealous desire for comfort points to a fractured dynamic: We don’t fully trust God’s goodness and provision. 

If we believe that our God is good and He is for us, then we can know for certain that what He calls us to He will guide us through. Jesus promises to provide for our needs, so we need not be afraid to step into the unknown. 

When we’re able to trust God fully and freely, we can more naturally live with our heads up to see the need around us and our hands open to give ourselves to others in tune with God’s heart of generosity.  


  • In what areas of your life do you struggle to trust God? 
  • What does trust look like for you in this Christmas season? 
  • What do you fear would happen if you lived out of a posture of openness to what may be uncomfortable?  

May the God of all comfort empower you today as you open your hands and trust Him.