Postures Of Advent: A Daily Christmas Devotional


Mary's song of praise in Luke 1:26-55 is known as The Magnificat (v.46-56). The word “Magnificat” is a Latin word that means, “my soul magnifies the Lord.” 

Sometimes we rush past Mary’s part of the Christmas story. 

We picture her, meek and mild, quietly submitting to the angel Gabriel’s news. But take a moment to think about what that might have felt like for Mary. 

Take a second to breathe in the reality. A young woman with nothing to her name is told she will be having, not just any child, but God’s child through the Holy Spirit, before she is married to her fiancé, Joseph. 

We can only assume Mary was filled with complete fear at the very thought. What would her fiancé think? Would her family shun her? Her community disown her? And how does one even raise God’s son? 

God's plan for Mary required her to open her hands in surrender and faith, and in that posture of obedience, her soul magnified God.


  • Let the reality of Mary’s situation sink in for a moment. How would you feel in her shoes? 
  • Now reread verses 46-56. What does Mary’s song show you about her posture towards her Father? Her perspective of her own life? 
  • What can Mary’s response teach you about living with your hands open?

May your heart overflow today as you open your hands in faith and surrender to God.