Postures Of Advent: A Daily Christmas Devotional


In our Western culture, Christmas seems to be synonymous with the word shopping, doesn’t it? Our desire to give and to show others we care, though borne from a healthy place, quickly turns into overdue credit card bills and piles of boxes on our doorstep.  

And these shopping habits extend well beyond the confines of the Christmas season. 

Did you know that the average Amazon Prime member spends almost $1,900 on online shopping each year? Perhaps one-click shopping has us thinking less about where we’re spending our money. 

As 2020 comes to a close, take a look at your expenses from this past year. 

As you read through Matthew 6:19-24, consider these questions and let them permeate your heart.


  • How much of your income went to charitable causes, the local church, or people in need? 

  • How much of your time in 2020 was spent on serving others whether through your church, a local outreach, or missions’ trip? 

  • Was there a time this year when opening your hands in sacrificial giving felt challenging? Was there a time when it felt easy? What do you plan on doing differently next year?

May your heart overflow as you consider ways to generously give your time, faith, and resources this Christmas.