Here As In Heaven

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When we realize who God is, we can't help but worship Him.

When Moses first encountered God in the form of a burning bush in Exodus 3, God introduced Himself as, "I AM." From that moment, everything Moses knew about himself and his God would change.

Yahweh is about the revelation of who God is, and the flame that ignites within us when we realize who we are in Him.

He who was and is to come
Is the One who lives in us
The great I Am, Yahweh.

God is all-knowing, always present, and always faithful. He lives within us. That changes everything.

Fire rising in my soul
All-consuming flame

Sometimes, we ask God to give us more passion, more energy, or more strength to take on what He's put in front of us. But instead of asking God for a fresh fire to be sparked within us, Yahweh is an anthem written to stoke the fire already burning within our spirit.


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