Here As In Heaven

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O Come to the Altar

The invitation to come to Jesus isn't just for people who don't know Him; it's for every believer who has ever called upon His name.

O Come to the Altar is a classic invitation for people far from God to draw near to Him. Regardless of our past, His arms are always open to receive us with love.

O come to the altar
The Father's arms are open wide
Forgiveness was bought with
The precious blood of Jesus Christ

But it's also a victorious reminder that we get to return to our Savior again and again, laying our lives down at the altar as an act of worship for all He's done for us.

O what a Savior!
Isn't He wonderful?
Sing alleluia
Christ is risen!

When we're tired and weary, He gives us rest. When we're hurting and broken, He heals us. When we're lost and without purpose, He will pair our desire to come to Him with His power to work in all things to accomplish His purpose in our lives.

Jesus is our Savior, and our life in Him is worth celebrating every day.