Here As In Heaven

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Call Upon the Lord

The foundation of our faith isn't just what we believe; it's Whom we believe in.

God's people are reunited with Him through one name.
The broken and hurting are healed by one name.
The lost are found in one name.


We draw all our strength from Him.
We discover our calling in Him.
We define our purpose through Him.

Jesus is the center of it all.

Call Upon the Lord is a bold declaration that Jesus' name has the power to break every chain that holds us back, overcome any force that comes against us, and save any heart that calls Him Lord.

Jesus' name
Will break every stronghold
Freedom is ours
When we call His name
Jesus' name
Above every other
All hail the power
Of Jesus' name.

When calling upon the name of Jesus becomes our natural response to anything life brings us, we build our lives upon a foundation that can never be shaken.