Here As In Heaven

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Shine a Light

In a world filled with darkness, we have a light that cannot be hidden.

Shine a Light is an energetic declaration that our God is bigger than any troubles we could ever face. Because His light shines brighter than the darkness of any evil this world has to offer, we can celebrate.

Nothing can stand against us
Our praise will break the darkness
We declare
Your Kingdom's here

Jesus doesn't just say that He is the light of the world. With Him alive in us, we are the light of the world too.

We've got a light and we're gonna shine
Jesus let your name be glorified

We don't have to back down or shy away from our faith. Declaring the goodness of God we've seen in our lives puts Him on display for those that have yet to place their faith in Him.

A light shining in the darkness cannot be ignored. When we shout our praise, God is glorified and people take notice.