Here As In Heaven

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Grace Like a Wave

God's grace is as precious as it is endless.

Sometimes, the up-and-down flow of life can leave us feeling tired, weary, and broken-hearted. But God's grace is an ocean that invites us to jump in and experience an endless supply of mercy, love, and favor.

Grace Like a Wave is a joyous celebration of that truth. The satisfaction we seek is readily available, and His arms are always open to us.

I will jump into the water
Where my soul can be satisfied
And your love is overflowing
From within me and it won't run dry.

We are free to experience the full measure of the life God has planned for us just by receiving the grace that washes over us each day.

Grace comes like a wave
Crashing over me
Grace comes like a wave
Crashing over and over and over.

We didn't earn God's grace, and we can never lose it. The limitless supply of healing, joy, peace, and promise is ready and waiting for us. All we have to do is jump in.