DIY for the Soul


Too many of us fear man and what others might think of us instead of what God says. We are so worried about what others say or think about us that we don’t live the life God has called us to live. We are so worried about trying to impress others or trying to not rock the boat of life, that we don’t live out the life God has put in front of us.

What if instead of trying to fit in by having the nicest house, car, or phone, we trusted in God’s promises and focused on what was important to Him. I think we would have a lot less worries and doubts in our life. I believe a lot of our fears and struggles would fade.

Lastly, the one who trusts in the Lord is protected. When we trust in the Lord He protects us. Trusting in the Lord is in contrast to fearing man. 

So what are you fearing that you could give to God? What do you need to give to God to find care for your soul?