DIY for the Soul


When I read this passage, I was reminded I have no hope apart from Jesus. He sustains me. He gives me peace. He has justified me from all the wrath that I deserve because of my sin. 

That being said, there is peace for my soul. We take for granted this word “peace”. It’s overlooked in our busy lifestyle. It doesn’t hold a lot of value in our hurry-up culture, but when we lose it or it starts to become ungrasped, or is on shaky ground, it can rock us to our core. Having peace is one of these things that brings health to the bones and a calm that says, “Everything is going to be just fine.” 

That truth is multiplied significantly when compared to what God offers to us through the work of His son. We have peace with God. That should blow us away every day. For those of us that have put our hope, trust, faith and salvation in Jesus, God chooses to not hold our sin and wickedness against us but rather, He invites us into His kingdom to live the abundant life He freely gives. As a result we don’t cower from the wrath we deserve, but instead, we can boldly approach God in prayer. We can stand firm and be assured that we have gained access to God through God’s grace!

How is your soul? In what areas in your life do you need God’s peace? In these area(s) you mentioned, have you fully surrendered to what God wants in that situation? If you have, you’ll start slowly beginning to experience this overwhelming peace that only God supplies. 

Surrender to God in all things and begin to see how God will show off like only He can!