Money and Investing with the Kwak Brothers

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Investing Part 1

I do not think it is a coincidence that the topic Jesus talked about the most, other than the kingdom of God, was money. We see our Lord continuously bringing up what He knew to be true: that money affects people’s hearts.

There is a story Jesus shares about a man who goes away on a long trip and entrusts three of his servants with his finances. If you are reading this, you know how this story ends. The master comes back. He sees that the first two servants doubled the money given to them (one had been given five talents and the other two). The third servant, however, tells the master that he was fearful of losing the money, so he buried it until the master returned. 

Now, let me tell you that many faithfully attend church every Sundays. They honor God with their lips, but unfortunately, they do not repeat the sentiment daily with their finances.

When we think and act based on scarcity and fear, we tend to hold what we have so tightly that our hands begin to form a fist. And while God still loves and blesses us because of who He is regardless of our actions, we miss out on being aligned with our Father in having the posture of an open hand. Jesus embodied holding everything with an open hand, even to the point of giving up His life for us.

There's a saying that goes, “Fear is a consequence of believing in a lie.” The ugly truth of the matter is that many of us believe lies related to our finances. One such lie is that our Heavenly Father will not provide for what we need. I am sure that many of us sing the words, “All I have needed, thy hand hath provided.” But many have never experienced the joy of living day-to-day knowing it is all His.

The third servant did what he did because fear clenched his hands into fists. I encourage you today to align with God. Have the posture of open hands. Be led by His Spirit in discernment. God does not care about money; He cares about you. Remember, when it comes to stewarding His resources, we are called to be flowing rivers and not stagnant lakes.