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 Generosity & Giving

Imagine you are at a busy intersection. You worked a long day and are just looking forward to going home. Then, you look up and see someone holding a sign asking for money. As most people do, you drive away telling yourself that he/she will probably use the money for psychoactive substances. But a small part of you feels guilty. The feeling sticks with you for the rest of the night, and you start questioning whether or not you are a “good person.” 

You wish you could be that person who just pulls out thousands of dollars to give to every homeless person they encounter. Of course, generosity is not about the amount given. As a matter of fact, Jesus talks about this when he notices a woman giving a fraction of a penny, compared to others who gave much more. He says that the woman actually gave more than the others because she gave out of her poverty. It is a great lesson, but I am sure many around Jesus thought He was crazy.

Well, I have a feeling that Jesus knows what He is doing. Maybe part of the reason why He said what He said is that He already has everything and could care less about money. Instead, He cares for us.

This is what I got out of the story. Perhaps Jesus told everyone around Him that the woman gave more than the others because money was not the only thing she put in. There was something else she offered God: her heart.

God told me today that He does not want our help; He wants our hearts. Do you want to learn how to give? Give God your heart. Do you want to be more generous? Be generous with how much you surrender to Jesus. 

Today, so many Christians want to do things for God, but we very seldom know what it looks like to do something because of God. That comes from giving 100% of our hearts, not just 10% of our paycheck.

I challenge you to understand that we have a Father who has it all, and the best thing we could ever give to God is us.