Money and Investing with the Kwak Brothers


Money Management

Welcome to Day 2! What does God say about the management of His finances? (Remember, all money is God’s money.) Today, we are going to discuss proper money management from a Christ-centered perspective. I could spend all the time in the world giving you tactics and strategies, but it would be incredibly overwhelming. Instead, I am going to give you the core principles. Like a domino, if you knock down the first piece, all the other dominos fall. We are going to focus on that one specific domino—the “pillar” that keeps the skyscraper grounded. 

That one little concept is planning. When you plan, seek to honor the Lord at all times. Listen to that still, quiet voice of the Holy Spirit, which I believe to be foundational to all decision making as Christ-followers. God wants intimacy with us. Isn't that why He sent His Only Son so that we may be reconciled with the Father? 

Now, you might be asking, “What does this have to do with managing money? What does this have to do with stewardship? What does this have to do with financial wellness?”


Stewardship is a word thrown around quite a bit in the Christian community, but I think it is time to get clear on what we are stewarding. You may say that you are stewarding God’s money by donating a large sum of money, but God is not impressed by that. We know this to be true by Jesus’s perspective in the story of the poor widow's offering. So, how do we get clear on what and how we need to steward in a way that honors God? Back to my original point, it is pure intimacy with Jesus and understanding that you are not lord over your finances. You must understand that at the end of the day, you answer to God. 

Therefore, before I make any investment decisions or review my budget, I pray to God for His wisdom and discernment. Just as in any relationship, it takes time for you to recognize and trust the Holy Spirit’s prompting. Sometimes God says: “Not yet,” “Do not,”  “Go for it,” and my favorite,  “Enjoy!”

Yes, I do suggest learning how to plan your budget and sticking with it. I also believe that you have the responsibility of obtaining financial education and properly tracking your expenses to make sure that you are spending less than what you earn. Tithing and expressing the recognition that God is the Lord over our finances is crucial. 

Yet, at the same time, we must never neglect the foundation that drives all activity and decisions. That is, we must grow to become more intimate with Christ. He will give us wisdom for proper management.