Growing as an Enneagram Four: The Individualist

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Growing in Action 

Healthy Enneagram Ones are a delight. They’re problem solvers, and they fix things the rest of us didn’t even know were broken. They have an eye for organization and process improvement. They notice things, they take action, and they have a great sense of humor. 

Why are we talking about Ones? Well, as an Enneagram Four, you go to One in growth, so learning about them is learning more about yourself. When you’re growing, you have access to all of the good attributes of Ones, and the more you learn about them, the more you’ll be able to spot these traits in yourself.

Fours struggle with emotion and the process of thinking that feeling is action. The crucial last step of actually taking action can be overlooked when we are exhausted or perhaps satisfied with how we are feeling. Taking that step of action can also be scary, hard, or just not necessary after a satisfying vent session with a close friend. Sometimes this is a conflict when you are with family, applying for jobs, making a big decision, or doing a chore. No matter what the situation, you may be aware of your adverse reaction toward action.

How many projects have you delayed with procrastination? How many relationships are you unhappy with but have never talked to them about the problem? How many areas of your life do you wish were different? Probably more than you’d care to count.

What ends up being a huge detriment to Fours is that when you stay in the thinking and feeling steps of solving a problem, you stay in the problem. 

Going to One means growing in action. You can’t gain discipline or consistency without some sort of action on your part. God was so wise to make a Four’s path to growth have very little to do with feeling their way through life, which is something they are already quite good at. Growing in action makes Fours more effective. If you need help, pray to God’s guidance.

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