Growing as an Enneagram Four: The Individualist

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Scarcity Versus Abundance 

Have you ever heard of a scarcity mindset? It goes something like this:

Life is like a pie, and when someone else is given a big piece, there is less for you.

The opposite of this is an abundance mindset. It looks like this:

Life is like Thanksgiving dinner. When everyone is eating, everyone is happy. Everyone brought something to share. There are always leftovers, so eat your fill. Sharing and thankfulness abound.

Most of us go through life with a scarcity mindset, especially those of us who struggle with envy. It always seems as though someone who is undeserving has more than we do, so we easily get stuck in the trap of anger and self-pity regarding our circumstances. Shifting into an abundance mindset is not only biblical, it’s also healthier for you. It brings freedom from envy.

God’s love is described by the Greek word agape, which means never-ending, bigger than life, unstoppable love. God loving others, and even blessing them, has nothing to do with what is left over for you.

There is enough for everyone, but there is also a different plan for everyone. A blessing for one person may be a curse to another person. Thankfully, we don’t get to decide these things. There is so much freedom to be found in thinking abundantly. Scarcity thinking means you’re always looking to the right or left, measuring their slice of pie and comparing it to your own. In other words, scarcity thinking is exhausting.

Jesus came to give us life abundantly, and it doesn’t stop there. We get to enjoy this abundant life with Him for eternity. So, what would it look like for you to think bigger and enjoy life like it’s an unending Thanksgiving dinner instead of a single, measly pie?

Who in your life has a big piece of the pie? How would your feelings toward them change if you were able to think more abundantly?