Growing as an Enneagram Four: The Individualist

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How You Reflect God 

Dearest Individualist, did you know you uniquely reflect God? Like a child leaning down to see the reflection of their face in a pond, we reflect the image of our heavenly Father. Now, this doesn’t mean we have a body like His, but we do reflect parts of God’s character to the rest of the world. It’s not a perfect reflection—in fact, it’s rippled and marred. However, a familiarity, a family resemblance, is still plainly evident between God and His creation. 

God made us in His image. He didn’t have to, but He gave us each unique parts of Himself. Unlike human parents who don’t get to choose which part of their genetic make-up is passed on to their children, God chose exactly which parts of Himself we would receive. There is something so special and awe-inspiring about that.

When you create, you’re reflecting our creative God. When you give, you’re reflecting our generous God. Even when you’re admiring a sunset above the ocean, you’re reflecting our God’s love of beauty.

It’s often easy to focus on the ways in which we don’t reflect God. Our sin is often so loud and shameful in demanding center stage with the thoughts we have about ourselves. 

However, have you ever considered that dwelling on the ways in which we do reflect God brings glory to Him?

Like a proud father who brags about his child’s athletic ability that mirrors his own, God is delighted in the ways in which we reflect Him. Thinking about this reflection and thanking Him for it helps us to develop the right attitude toward our humanity. We are humble, small, fickle, and sinful. Yet, we are also created, adopted, and loved beyond measure.

Spend a couple of moments reflecting on and thanking God for the ways in which you reflect Him. 

You may wish to say this prayer:

Dear heavenly Father, thank You for making me like You. Help me to notice more and more, every day, the gifts You have given me, and how I can glorify You with them. I want others to look at me and see a glimmer of You. Thank You for helping me do that. Amen.