Growing as an Enneagram Four: The Individualist

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Emotions and Shame 

Enneagram Fours belong to the heart triad, which means they first process information through their feelings. As a Four, you may be plagued by the voice of an inner shamer. Just like Satan uses envy to sabotage how you reflect God, he uses shame to stop you from showing the world God’s heart. 

Satan may plague us with a simple, but very effective tactic. He tells us that we’re not good enough, that we’ll fail if we try, that we’re not worthy of love, and that we might as well not even try. Part of the reason this is so effective is because it’s true. Apart from Christ, we are sinful; we can’t be enough; we can’t win enough or create enough; we can and will fail. We are made from the dust of the ground; this is a reality.

What we miss when we listen to the lies of shame is this: you are no longer bound by shame, you are no longer mere dust, and your sin that you’re not enough no longer defines you.

When Jesus died, He took your dirty clothes and gave you His pure white robe. You don’t deserve it. You did nothing to earn it. You are certainly not worthy to wear such a spotless garment, but that no longer matters. Satan’s accusations against you about your worth don’t take into account that when God looks at you, He sees you as His beloved. What you have done, what you will do, and every way that you are not enough no longer matters. Jesus took care of that at the cross. Your sins are forgiven. 

When you’re emotionally derailed by shame and when shame paralyzes you, turn to the gospel to speak truth into the darkness.

“I am enough because God’s grace is enough!”

“Even if I fail, I know that the Lord holds me in His hands. Fear will not rule me!”

“God loves me, created me to love, and wants me to be loved.”

“I’m significant! The God of the universe created me, loves me, saved me, and calls me His child.”

“I will be courageous for the glory of Christ, and whatever He puts my hands to do.”