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Jesus Came to Live

Ephesians 5:1 is just one example of where we’re called to be imitators. There are literally dozens of verses like this. It's a reminder that going back into the scripture and better understanding the message of Christ outside of the context of death, burial, and resurrection is truly life-giving. 

I've grown up with this understanding that Jesus came to Earth to die for our sins so that we might spend eternal life with him. And that was it. That's why he came. He came to die. 

But the contrary perspective on this is that, yes, he did come to die, but he also came to live in obedience. And there is a reason why he came to live in obedience. 

And that's because Jesus was both our deliverer and the image of what God is delivering us to—a perfect relationship with Him.

Trae Stephens

Trae Stephens is a Principal at Founders Fund, where he focuses on startups operating in the government space.


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