God is Your CEO

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True Power

The biggest theme that keeps recurring throughout my work is the image of God as, well, just that—God. He has made us in His image and wants to empower us to work with him.

And power is something that we can all crave. It brings security and influence and maybe it'll bring us friends. And because it often does bring the things that we want, it’s so enticing. But how easily we use it to be selfish and to protect us and ours, to marginalize all sorts of things. And the Bible shows us that over and over. 

Look at the example of Jesus in power. Jesus had ultimate power. We read Philippians 2 about how he's one with God. But what did he do with his power? He decided to be self-sacrificial and radically generous. Think about how true power really is that way. If you see someone in their business or whatever who is really trying to hold on to power and demean people and prop themselves up. You know it's not true power. 

True power is self-sacrificial and giving because true power could be killed and still be the true power of the universe. And as I’m reflecting on that, I think it's been such a gift with this particular project. Every time someone gives to this project, they're empowering us and we want to use that power. 

Well, whenever you get a client, you're being empowered. So, as Christians, we should question how we think about power and how that should make us different from the world.

Jon Collins

In 2009 Jon Collins’ first company, Epipheo, introduced the business world to “explainer videos.” Jon now creates these videos for The Bible Project.