God is Your CEO

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God as Father and Friend

My whole life was defined by sports, which is one hundred percent performance-based. You are your value to the team. 

But as a follower of Jesus, my value is in him. And so much of my life has been oriented to God as father. I get to receive that Heavenly Father approval and know that I have a best friend whose name is Jesus. That concept of Jesus as friend means understanding that He is walking with me daily, that He will never leave me, that he will never forsake me. Yeah, he might lead me through a valley, but he's going to be there with me and love me unconditionally along the way. 

When God is our heavenly father, there's a lot of richness to that relationship. We can really rejoice in Him and rest in Him and find peace and hope and comfort in Him.

Casey Crawford

Casey Crawford is the CEO of Movement Mortgage, which employs more than 4,500 and has over 650 locations in all 50 states.