God is Your CEO

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Feeling Known and Loved

My grandfather taught me the second verse I ever learned. It was his life verse, which is Nahum 1:7, which says the Lord is good. A stronghold in the day of trouble.

And when I went through my most recent episode of feeling anxious and depressed. That was the verse that I clung to because it reminded me of my kinship with my grandfather. I also sat with the message of the verse itself, which is that we are known and we are loved.

When I get anxious, it's often because I feel lonely and unknown. Or it's because I feel unlovely or unlovable, because maybe what I set out to do isn't going to succeed the way I wanted it to. And I'm afraid of how that's going to look or what people will think. 

But at the end of the day, the Lord is still there, and he is a stronghold in my day of trouble. He knows me as I trust in him. And I can rest in that.

Max Anderson

Max Anderson is an entrepreneur and author. He is the founder of Stagecoach Ventures and author of The Weekend Reader, a deep thinker's guide to modern culture.