That We may Believe: Reading Through John


Sometimes even the most precious memories can be forgotten. And yet, they flood my mind when my sister and I reminisce about our childhood. 

“Remember how we used the play ‘school’ when we were kids?”

“Ha! Yes, and we’d ask Mom to play with us but she never wanted to.”

“We didn’t consider the fact that she homeschooled us, and the last thing she’d want to do at the end of the day was play pretend school!”

Conversations like this happen often with my sister. Honestly, there’s much I wouldn’t remember if she didn’t remind me.

Near the end of His time on earth, Jesus told His disciples He would soon return to His Father in Heaven. He also promised the Holy Spirit would come to them and continue teaching them. The Holy Spirit would remind them of everything Jesus had taught them, would live in them, and stay with them forever. 

We have the same privilege Jesus’ disciples had. If we believe in Jesus, we have the Holy Spirit living within us. 

He’ll help us understand the Bible. And just like my sister reminds me of memories from our childhood, He’ll remind us of things we learn from Scripture. This is the Holy Spirit—promised by Jesus, sent from God. He is our teacher, and He will always be with us. What a wonderful gift!

Have you asked the Holy Spirit for understanding when reading the Bible? 

~Jana Kelley