That We may Believe: Reading Through John


There’s one fear that can paralyze me and dramatically hinder my obedience. I’ll push through the hard, jump out into the unknown, and persevere through difficult and discouraging circumstances, so long as relational risk isn’t involved. If I think there’s even a chance I might experience rejection, especially from someone I care about, I grow anxious and weak-kneed. 

As a result, I’m tempted to skirt around tough conversations and pursue my comfort instead of obedience.

Unchecked, my fear of man—what they might or might not think of me, how they might or might not react—can hinder my obedience to Christ. And yet, my heart’s desire is to please my Savior in all things. So how can I move past my fears and live in confident obedience? 

How can I live more like Jesus? 

Throughout His ministry, He initiated tough conversations. He consistently had the courage to choose the unpopular route, to remain silent when ridiculed, and to give Himself completely to those He knew would abandon Him in His darkest hour, His moment of greatest need. 

In John 16:32 we learn how. Jesus said everyone would abandon Him, but that He wouldn’t be alone, because He’d have the love of the Father.

Jesus’ security came from His Father’s enduring love. That’s where ours will come from as well. When we’re filled with the love of our Savior, our hunger for man’s approval subsides. When you feel the sting of rejection weigh you down, use it as a reminder to draw close to the One who knows you fully, loves you deeply, and will never leave. 

What is one way you can live more like Jesus?

~Jennifer Slattery