That We may Believe: Reading Through John


Have you experienced the power of Scripture? Has it danced to live with vitality and strength in your daily walk? 

Soon after becoming a Christian, the Bible came alive for me when my church faced an internal struggle between two ministry leaders. As a young Christian, the potential division left me uncertain about what to do. 

I knew very little of the Bible, but one Sunday the pages fell open to 1 Corinthians 3—a section concerning divisions in the church. The chapter encourages people to follow God versus man. After all, humans, whether ministers, evangelists, or other faith leaders, plant seeds, but God causes those spiritual seeds to grow. Why not give Him the glory?

In a church meeting later that day, emotions rose. People chose sides, some even banging fists on tables and raising voices. I might have succumbed to emotions as well had it not been for that Bible passage. 

The word of God “came alive,” helped me act a little more like Jesus, and allowed me to remain calm among the turmoil. I refused to take sides, touting the name of Jesus instead. Later, when one parishioner mentioned they noticed my unbiased approach, I shared how God and His word prepared me.

The Bible dives deep into the heart, leading us in ways our frail, humanness cannot. How about you? Has God’s word come alive in one of your circumstances? Has it directed your steps, guided your decisions, or helped you understand what’s in your heart? 

Today, take a moment to recall times when you’ve noticed the power of the Bible in your life. Share those stories with someone. If you don’t have specific situations to recall, ask God to bring His Word alive in you. 

How has God’s word come alive to you? 

~Kristi Woods