That We may Believe: Reading Through John


Sometimes I’m tempted to downplay and make excuses for my sin. Yes, I’m selfish, but isn’t everyone? That wasn’t really a lie; I simply omitted certain details. I spoke those hurtful words out of stress, or irritation, or a moment of weakness. Surely my behavior wasn’t that bad. Surely I’m not that bad. 

Then there are days when I sit in guilt and shame, rehashing every hurtful comment and un-Christ-like act.

But then I remember the cross and instantly, God’s grace shatters my pride and my shame. Christ paid too high a price for me to live in bondage to sin or its effects. In love, He gave His all, His life, to set me free.

And I wonder, was He thinking of me, and of you, the night He led His disciples across the Kidron Valley, knowing precisely what lay ahead? That day, under the priest’s supervision, Jewish families had sacrificed thousands of lambs to atone for their sins. All that blood flowed from the nearby Temple, turning the Kidron Valley crimson.

The land Jesus walked upon that night, He headed toward His death, was quite literally drenched in death. And with every purposeful, courageous step, our Savior advanced. He advanced with life and light and freedom, and through His death, He won. 

On Calvary, Christ’s precious blood was spilled, blood more precious, and more powerful than all the lambs slain throughout the generations. In Christ, our salvation is complete, our victory sure. When I consider how much my freedom cost, I know there’s no room for pride and shame. Only the deep gratitude for the One who, knowing all He would suffer, still willingly died for me. 

Have you thanked Jesus for setting you free? 

~Jennifer Slattery