That We may Believe: Reading Through John


A 24-hour stomach flu felt like “the valley of death.” Disoriented, depleted, dizzy, I didn’t know if I’d make it to the bathroom in time. During this humbling state I begged the Lord to take this “cup” from me. As I laid on our bathroom floor at 3:00 am in complete surrender I asked Jesus how He chose to endure death on Calvary. With one word He could have ended the suffering yet He chose to surrender to the Father’s will. He chose to finish well but not without suffering well. 

His sacrificial love for us was bigger than His desire to preserve himself. His strong finish changed the trajectory for billions of people forever. The suffering and rejection Christ endured guaranteed that our suffering on this side of heaven isn’t without hope. Christ has gone ahead of us, secured our spot, and prepared the way. 

My mind isn’t big enough to wrap itself around this divine love that loved us to His dying breath. A love that took a last sip from a bitter cup to ensure our eternal cup would be sweet and overflowing. Christ’s victory over death sealed our victory and salvation. 

The next time you feel helpless, rest in that sacred place of grace Jesus provides. May your cup overflow with the knowledge that your suffering is temporary and your brighter tomorrow is just around the corner. This is the promise that Jesus gifted us when He bowed His head and breathed His last. It is finished.

When you feel helpless, do you remind yourself of Christ’s sacrificial love for you?

~Sonia Salfity