That We may Believe: Reading Through John


We’ve all encountered someone who later turned out to be much different than we originally thought. Maybe they failed to meet our expectations, or perhaps they drastically exceeded them, proving themselves to be faithful and true. 

For years, due to the deep distrust of all men, I misjudged my husband, and it nearly destroyed our marriage. But after a series of upheavals and difficult events, I came to realize who he was at his core—a loving man of integrity who would do anything for his family.

We see the true nature and affections of a person during difficult circumstances. This is true for Christ. My view of God has shifted dramatically over the years. The more I come to know Him, the clearer His heart becomes. When it seemed as if everyone else had abandoned me, He remained and drew me close. But He’s revealed Himself most clearly through the cross. May that dark moment in history forever be a beacon to my heart and yours, a reminder of who Christ is at His core—a God who loves fiercely and sacrificially. 

Christ was glorified, His true nature revealed, through the horrific death He willingly endured for you and I. On the cross, we see Jesus’ unchanging nature, and God the Father and God the Son cast a beam of truth and grace upon all mankind. 

Now that we’ve seen Him for who He truly is, He invites us to live in that truth. To live changed, for Christ’s grace and truth, when received, always lead to transformation, so that we too, His redeemed children, are revealed in how we live and love. 

Or to put it perhaps more simply: Jesus showed who He truly is and the depth of His love through sacrifice. I must do the same. 

Have you accepted Jesus’ invitation to live in the truth?

~Jennifer Slattery