That We may Believe: Reading Through John


When our family went through a period of unemployment, I felt like our prayers for help went unanswered. As one day merged into another, our anxiety grew, until it became clear—we needed to sell our home.

That year, God reminded me that He does some of His greatest work in our waiting, even in our desperation. It’s then that I’m able to truly see all my doubts. That’s when I’ve truly reached the end of myself—all my planning and finagling, and lean hardest on Jesus. Most importantly, that’s when His miracles can be explained by nothing other than the amazing work of God’s hand. 

In John chapter 11, Scripture tells of a time when Jesus’s friend, Lazarus, was sick. His sisters, also Christ’s friends, immediately sent for Jesus. Considering their relationship, one might’ve expected a rapid response, yet Jesus waited. Why? Didn’t He love Lazarus? Scripture says He did. In fact, the Bible indicates His delay directly resulted from Christ’s love.

When He finally arrived in Bethany, Martha was distraught, even accusatory. Her brother had been dead for three days. Martha’s faith and hope had come and gone. She’d gone from fervent prayers to mourning.

But Jesus was bigger than that—bigger than all. “I am the resurrection and the life,” He said (John 11:25). 

Then, He proved His words true and raised Lazarus from the dead. This passage reminds me of a few things. First, Jesus’s power knows no bounds. He created me, saved me, and is bigger than any problem I could face. His timing is always perfect, and His word is always true. But most importantly, because I believe in Him, I too have been given life over death, and that’s always a reason for hope. 

If you’re wondering what might happen, if God is “too late,” trust in this: Even if it appears things have regressed to the point of decay, God has a plan. He is never too late.

Is it hard for you to lean on Jesus and trust in His timing?

~Jennifer Slattery