Ephesians: How to Love Like Jesus



What is the best gift you have ever received? Maybe it was for a birthday, at Christmas or for an anniversary? However good that gift was, Paul speaks of a better gift in today’s passage. 

Today’s passage refers to Psalm 68. The gift Paul mentions is a reference to soldiers returning from war and sharing the spoils of war with their family and friends. Paul is drawing the comparison between Jesus and a returning soldier. Christ is victorious! He has defeated death and chooses to share His victory with us. 

This gift is God equipping us to be part of His body, built up in His knowledge, and understanding the completeness of Christ’s sacrifice. These gifts are given so that we can truthfully tell others about Jesus’ love and grow the church in maturity.


  1. Yesterday we looked at unity and how Jesus calls us to join together in the Spirit and the bond of peace. But in verse 11, Paul lists the different roles that make up the body of Christ. How can we pursue unity as we hold different roles and receive different gifts? 

  2. This passage speaks about gifts that will impact our lives as we follow Jesus. What gifts has God given you? How can you use these gifts to make the most of every opportunity to take the love of Jesus to those in need? Read Romans 12:3-8 to learn more about gifts!

  3. This passage ends by exploring our transformation from an infant who is tossed about by the wind and waves to a “mature body of Christ.” Where have you seen a transformation in your own life? Who could you tell about this transformation in your life and the way Christ’s love has changed you?


Heavenly Father, thank you for the gifts that You have given me. Thank you for transforming me and equipping me to share the good news of Jesus — His death and resurrection as He defeated sin. Help me to be bold in sharing Your message and love with those who don’t yet know You. Amen.